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Why choose 414 Kiting

Here at 414kiting we’re passionate about kitesurfing. For us it’s important that your lessons are safe & fun, and that the quality of the lessons we give allow you to progress. You can see below all the things that are important to us, and that we think are why you should choose to learn with us.

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Group Lessonsfrom €240/person/day
Coaching Sessions€300/person/day
Kite foil / wing foil Lessons€350/person/day
Private Lessons€800/day

No Kite Sharing

Most other schools will give you a kite between 2 or even up to 4 people for the lesson. That’s a lot of time when you should be kiting, but will end up watching (and paying for it!). We keep our groups small in order to make it possible for everyone to have their own kite and board for the duration.

No Wind? No Fee!

We don’t charge if there’s no wind and we can’t run your lesson. We think that’s only fair.

In The Water On The First Day

We don’t waste your time flying small kites on land for days. Our lessons are fully immersive, with only the first hour of complete beginner sessions based on land. As soon as we can, we get you on the water with your kite in the air. Some other schools will keep you on the land for up to 2 days before even going in the water.

Maximum Learning Time

We don’t limit your time on the water. If the wind’s blowing and you’ve still got energy, we want you to get the most out of your session. Most other schools will give you a limited number of hours per day. We think you want to get the most out of your lesson, so won’t do this.

Small Groups

Our group lessons are maximum 3 students. This means you get all the attention you need from the instructor, and maximises your progress.


The majority of days we meet at 11:00 and kite on thermal winds in the afternoon, but sometimes passing weather systems mean the wind blows best at other times of the day. Nature’s in charge when it comes to kitesurfing and we’ll reschedule the timing of our sessions to make sure you get the best of the conditions she provides.

Qualified Instructors

All of our team are IKO-qualified, some up to Examiner level. We have specialists in kiteboarding, strapless surfboard riding, kitefoiling, and wing foiling –  we know what we’re doing


Top quality boats, small teaching groups, top quality equipment, and MOB kill cord systems on our boats mean that you are in safe hands.

IKO Certification

We’re registered as an IKO Pro School, and all our students are registered and certified with the IKO at the end of their time with us. Already have an IKO license? No worries – we can update existing licenses too :)