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Lake Como kite spot guide & weather forecasts

The reliability of Lake Como winds has made the lake a popular place for wind sport enthusiasts. Forecasting models like Windguru and Windfinder are great at predicting the wind in a lot of places, but they forecast larger-scale pressure systems and don’t pick up the smaller-scale thermal regimes or (importantly) the influence of the local topography in accelerating the wind at the north end of the lake (known as the ‘venturi’ effect).  Because of this they simply don’t work for Como!

We use a combination of a few forecasts to predict the wind on the lake. Il Meteo predicts the direction of wind quite well (although it doesn’t pick up the venturi acceleration, so understates the wind strength). For a more general picture of the weather, we use the NZZ forecast for the south of Switzerland, and the MeteoSwiss app.

If you want to find out the latest conditions, just give us a call!

Geneva & Neuchatel kite spots & weather forecasts

As with most places, there’s no single forecast that can tell you if there’s going to be wind or not, but some of the more reliable ones include NZZ and Meteocentrale.

MeteoSwiss, Windguru, and Windy are also great apps to use. Winguru and Windy predict frontal winds so work well on both Geneva and Neuchatel where the wind is largely a result of frontal winds rather than pure thermal regimes.

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