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Lessons start at 11:00am and we’re usually finished by 16:00. In both winter & summer we’re generally reliant on thermal winds which blow best in the afternoons, but exact lesson times can vary depending on the forecast.

We only ask for payment in advance if you want to definitively reserve the spaces, as then we take the spaces off sale. This gives you 100% security that we have the places booked on the days you want, and also enables us to plan our groups effectively.

If you’re unsure of your travel plans & want to keep things flexible then it’s no problem to book last minute, but bear in mind that weekend spots & the high season can fill up several weeks in advance.

If you do book in advance and then have to make changes or need to cancel we still try to be fair & as flexible as possible. Any changes/cancellations less more than 14 days in advance are valid for a full refund of the prepaid amount. Any changes/cancellations after this point are not valid for a refund and we’d recommend contacting your travel insurance, but if we are able to fill the some or all of the spaces you booked then we are more than happy to refund you for these =)


  • Water
  • Swimming clothes (to wear under your wetsuit)
  • A snack – we suggest this is something high energy that you can eat on the 20min boat ride to the spot. You won’t be able to get back on the boat half way through a lesson to eat your lunch.
  • Sun cream – sun burn isn’t cool
  • Sunglasses – if you can get sunglasses with a sports band, do: reflected light from the water can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Camera – because it’s beautiful, and if we have time we can take some photos of you learning to kite.


  • Water
  • Ski helmet & goggles
  • A snack
  • Sun cream – sun burn isn’t cool
  • Camera – because it’s beautiful, and if we have time we can take some photos of you learning to kite.


If we’re unlucky with the wind and there isn’t sufficient to run your lesson then, unlike a lot of other schools we’d refund you the prepaid amount for that day, as we don’t think it’s fair to charge you for something you haven’t had.

Wind forecasting websites like Windy/Windguru/Windfinder are great resources for a lot of kite spots, but they generally look at frontal systems. The places we kite generally have thermal winds which aren’t picked up by these sites. We use a number of different resources to get a good idea of what will happen each day (be aware that general forecasts aren’t normally very accurate more than 3-4 days ahead of time).


We try to be as flexible as possible and to help us do this we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you intend to cancel your lesson, as this allows us time to offer your space to someone else. Your pre-payment will be fully refunded unless you cancel less than 14 days before the lesson. Any cancellations less than 14 days before the lesson will be subject to a 100% charge of booked sessions unless we can fill your space with another student, in which case we’re more than happy to refund the full amount =)

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