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Why Lake Como?

Why Lake Como?

For a summer kitesurfing spot in Europe, Lake Como is hard to beat. Surrounded by the towering peaks of the southern Alps, Lake Como is just 90 minutes from Milan, 3hrs from Zurich, and 4hrs from Geneva. The 162 square kilometre lake provides unbeatable learning conditions, and a perfect playground for more advanced kiters. Unlike the better-known lake Garda, Como is never too busy and the wind is significantly more reliable during the summer months.

414 Kiting is open between April and October when the kiteable thermal winds blow, but you can contact us at any time outside these months as well.

414 Teaching Method

Our kitesurfing courses can be tailored to suit your needs, so whether you’re a complete beginner just looking to try the sport, a more advanced kiter looking to learn free-style or to ride a surf-board, or whether you simply want an epic kite session with the safety and convenience of a support boat – we can help!

  • All our courses are run with the only the latest F-One equipment, and are designed to make learning kitesurfing as safe and fun as possible – with no corners cut.
  • Our team can teach in English, German, French, Italian & Russian!
  • Choose from group lessons, private lessons and advanced coaching to suit your needs

  • All our water-based teaching is done from boats in the safety of the middle of the lake, with no obstacles and nothing but endless space to exploit.
  • Unlike other schools, we give each student their own kite as soon as they are able to independently control and re-launch the kite. Most other schools make up to 4 students share one kite; this limits progress and means you spend more time watching others have fun than actually learning yourself! With our boat-teaching method, we can safely give each student a kite and provide quality instruction without all of the waiting around
  • At most kitesurf spots, students spend up to 90% of their time with the kite in the air walking up the beach to re-gain ground they have lost against the wind (as a beginner it is challenging to stay upwind!). Learning from a boat eliminates this tiring stage and means that you spend more time actually kiting rather than walking. Students who have tried both methods can confirm that learning from a boat is up to 3-times faster and significantly safer
  • Your instructor will never be far from you when you learn on the lake. Our boats are very quick between students to give you tips/help if needed. When you learn from a beach, your instructor is often very far away and unable to get to you to assist you when you need help, so you only benefit from help when you’re on the beach!
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