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How long is my lesson?

We generally ask students to meet at the school at either 10:30am (beginners), or 11:00am. This ensures there is time to get everyone kitted up for the day, and to run through any theory before we go out on the boats.The wind is predominately thermal here, and generally picks up at lunchtime. We will always try to ensure we leave before the wind picks up too much so that the boat ride to the spot is more comfortable, so we usually aim to  head out on the water by about 1pm.

Once we’re at the spot we will launch your kites as soon as the wind is sufficient. After that it’s up to you: you can kite until either the wind or your energy runs out!

We usually return to Gera Lario by 16:30/17:00.

Kitesurf lessons are much cheaper in Tarifa - why does it cost more in Como? Can I get a discount?

In short, no. The lessons offered at many well-known beach spots are quite different to what we offer, hence the difference in price:

  1. They charge by the hour, and much of that hour will be spent walking upwind with the kite. We have a vast expanse of lake for you to play around in, and if you do need to go upwind then we drive you in the boat. This means you spend far more time learning to kitesurf in water, rather than flying a kite on the land.
  2. Kiting on a lake involves costs that kiting from a beach does not: fuel, boats, boat insurance…
  3. All our instructors are fully qualified with the IKO and/or VDWS. If you want to learn to kite properly they’re worth every penny.
  4. We have a maximum of four people in lessons per boat and per instructor at any time. For beginners kites are generally shared between two students until they have mastered control of the kite (usually no more than a couple of hours). After that each student has their own kite: no sharing one kite between 8 people!
  5. Unlike other schools on the lake, we don’t charge anything for non-windy days. We don’t think it’s fair to charge when you don’t kite!

Want to know more? Check out our “Why 414Kiting” page.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit equivalent to the value of one lesson/session in order to reserve you a space. This is simply to avoid the unfortunate scenario where people book and simply don’t show up without letting us know, but you wouldn’t do that 🙂 We pay our instructors regardless, so it is really important we know who’s going to be joining us each day.

What should I do if I want to cancel my lesson?

We try to be as flexible as possible and to help us do this we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you intend to cancel your lesson, as this allows us time to offer your space to someone else. Your deposit will be fully refunded unless you cancel less than 7 days before the lesson. Any cancellations less than 7 days before the lesson will be subject to a 100% charge of booked sessions.

What if there's no wind??

Exact conditions can be hard to forecast (we’re not magicians!), but we have a host of reliable sources that give us a good idea. If, however, we’re not lucky with the wind then unlike most other schools on the lake, if there’s not enough wind to kite then we won’t charge you for a lesson, even if we’ve been out on the boats. We think that’s only fair.

It is up to the instructors to decide what is sufficient wind: They’re fully qualified and know when it’ll work. Just because it’s not howling 40kts doesn’t mean you can’t kite. As a rule of thumb, 12 knots is sufficient wind to start kiting well and having fun with the right equipment.

Just because WindGuru says there’s no wind doesn’t mean there’ll be no wind (see our Wind Forecast page). Wind forecasting websites generally look at frontal systems, not thermal systems. Our wind is thermal most of the time. If WindGuru were to believed you’d probably only be able to kite on Lake Como a handful of times in a year, and we definitely wouldn’t be running a successful school.

What should I bring with me?

  • Water – it’s a long day on the lake
  • A snack – we suggest this is something high energy that you can eat on the 20min boat ride to the spot. You won’t be able to get back on the boat half way through a lesson to eat your lunch.
  • Sun cream – sun burn isn’t cool
  • Sunglasses – if you can get sunglasses with a sports band, do: reflected light from the water can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Camera – because it’s beautiful, and if we have time we can take some photos of you learning to kite.

I'm a beginner, but my boyfriend is an advanced kiter. Can we go in the same group?

Generally we split groups by ability as this ensures you receive the best attention possible. If we are able to put you in the same group without detracting from yours or other people’s sessions, then of course we will. All groups kite in the same area though, so you’ll be close together whatever.

My girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't want to kite, can she/he join on the boat?

Unfortunately we generally are unable to take people on the group lesson boats unless they are taking lessons. This is due to limited space, and for safety reasons. On private boats extra passengers are welcome, though numbers limited.

I can already ride. I just want time to practice, not a full-on lesson.

We offer a shuttle service for advanced riders. Here we take you to the spot, launch your kite, and give you the freedom of all the space available to practise. If you have enough energy at the end of the day you can kite most of the 15 km trip downwind to Gera Lario. The downwinder boat is on hand to help you should you need it and our instructors are always happy to throw you tips, however we require that you are at least IKO Level 3K/VDWS Level 5 (can consistently stay upwind, relaunch, retrieve your board, and self-rescue) in order to be considered for a downwinder session rather than a lesson. This is because ferrying kites back up wind is time consuming, and can detract from other people’s lessons. If you are booked in for a lesson then we take this in to account in our numbers per instructor, but if you are not then it can impact not only on your own experience, but that of others. If you’re unsure of your level, give us a call and also check out our coaching option.

How old do my kids have to be in order to learn to kite?

There’s no official age limit, but it is restricted by both weight (around 35kg minimum to ensure it’s safe), and attention span. Please call us if you have children under 16 who wish to learn to kite, as we can advise you on best options.

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