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Shuttle Service - Price: €80 without rental, €125 with kit rental

A great way to maximise your kiting time and minimise the hassle of launching from the crowded beach spots. Our boats will be on hand to ensure that you are safe. Take advantage of the huge 15km downwind area from our launch spot. For more advanced riders this option is great for learning new tricks in a perfectly safe environment, and means you maximise your chances of riding on more marginal wind days.

The shuttle service is only available for advanced kiters only (must be able to ride upwind consistently and retrieve own board/re-launch kite independently). If you’re not at this level, then our group or private lessons might be a better option for you, and we’ll help you reach the level of being an independent kiter.


  • 20minute boat drive to the best kite spot on the lake
  • 3-4hrs of uninterrupted kite time
  • Full on-the-water support from the 414 team: You’ll be kiting around the boats, so if you have any issues we’ll be there to help
  • After the session you can enjoy a 15km downwind to our starting point in Gera Lario if you still have the energy
Sunrise Sessions

Sunrise Sessions

When the northerly Tivano blows, the morning is the perfect time to get out kiting as the sun rises. Stunning views, and the lake is all yours! Often the AM wind can be stronger than the afternoon wind, so we will run our lessons in the morning to maximise your time on the water in the best conditions.

We are the one of the only schools on the lake to offer this option.

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