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The Italian government announced on the 16th May that some restrictions will be lifted over the next few weeks, and international travel will be permitted again from the 3rd June, with no quarantine period or other limitations.

We will have to follow the new social distancing and hygiene guidelines both on land and on the water, so we are making a number of changes to the way we work for this summer. As well as wearing masks and some of the other measures we’ve all become familiar with, we will have to ensure at least 1m physical space between people (as far as possible) on boats. This means that we will be running reduced group sizes for an indefinite period. Maximum number in group lessons will be just 2 students, which is obviously fantastic from a learning perspective! We have made a small adjustment to the price of group lessons and coaching to allow us to run this way. We’re hoping this is only going to have to be a short-term strategy which, given the conditions, we’re sure you’ll understand.

As the situation is constantly evolving, we’re offering a zero-stress cancellation policy for all courses. This means that you can still book your trip for summer, but if the restrictions change and are such that you can’t travel safely, we’ll rearrange your course, or offer a full refund.

Legal stuff:

414 Kiting guarantees to have sanitized all areas and equipment of the structure before reopening and to provide continuous sanitization of the areas open to the public and all equipment used with authorized products by the Ministry of Health, as per the shared protocol COVID 19 of 14 March.

All workers, managers and collaborators comply with hygiene rules and safety measures.

Procedures for Self-Quarantine under Covid-19

We are open!


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